The Visual Mold Design and Solution Library

Mold-makers and designers encounter new challenges with every product. This e-library is the first free information sharing platform which allows the Mold-making industry to share the wealth of its technical knowledge.

The purpose of the library is to provide Mold-designers with real examples of the way that past technical problems have been resolved through experience and skill; learning from others and contributing to the general body of knowledge. 

The Aluminum Mold Information Sharing Library is a database of real Mold designs. You can browse different components, and then download the actual technical drawings of the component and the mold used to manufacture it, in 3D.

Anyone can donate designs as well, a great way for mold makers and designers to showcase their expertise. Shared designs will also be displayed with a link to the contributer's site. It’s free to use, but we ask people to register in order to download information.

The site will be promoted by an extensive e-mailing list to product designers, mold designers, product developers, engineering companies, and purchasing managers.

The library is categorised into sub-sections, with real case-studies, which show different issues and solutions.


The Library is presented in a clean simple layout as shown in the sample image below



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